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How to Use Google AdWords to Fuel Organic Growth

How to Use Google AdWords to Fuel Organic Growth

Contrary to what most think, a business can reap higher SEO result with Google Ads. The question is how? Google Ads or Google Adwords system comes with various features that offer advertisers a great insight into the audience’s preferences and choices. Some of the best SEO services providers use such insights to strategize their SEO strategy.

Anyone who works with SEO knows that it takes a lot of time and money to see a positive result. There is a higher risk of losing money and business if the SEO strategy is not done right. What if the keywords and phrases you were working on don’t give you enough traffic? But if you have insightful PPC data or search team reports, you can use it to devise a concrete SEO strategy that has a low rate of failure. One can master the art of SEO and become an SEO expert if he can master the art of mixing the two best know digital marketing tactic into one.

Reap results from Remarketing or Retargeting Ads :
Let’s first understand what remarketing means. Remarketing or Retargeting is a marketing tactic of showing particular ads to those people who have previously engaged with a brand some way or the other. Through remarketing, marketers can target 98% of the audience who are more likely to convert into sales. It is a very unique approach of going after those visitors who already know about the business or the brand.

Remarketing can greatly improve your conversion rate as well as SEO results. By analyzing the remarketing list, you can learn a great deal about your consumers which can help you strategize your marketing plan. Retargeting is the easiest way to tap the non-converting consumers and turn them into sales. Moreover, remarketing also helps in building a strong brand recall which further improves SEO.

Search Terms Report :
We all are familiar with keywords or phrases. In SEO, we look for keywords to be ranked in a particular niche category, but in AdWords, we look for exact terms what people are typing into the search engine. AdWords’ Search Teams report shows phrases or keywords that pop your ads. When targeting keywords for SEO, marketers often overlook user intention. Search volume does factor in SEO ranking, but user intention is what drives organic traffic.

Geographic Performance :
The best thing about SEO is it can target the audience demographically. Besides going global with your SEO approach, you can undertake local SEO to target those audiences who are spread around your business location. As per the latest statistics, more than half of the world’s population use mobile phones to a local search of which 18% translate into sales.…