What Makes Something Significant?

What makes someone significant?

Use the adjective significant to describe something that is important.

Your “significant other” means the person who’s most important in your life.

This adjective is from Latin significans, from significare “to signify,” from signum “a sign, mark” plus facere “to make.” ….

What is the synonyms of significant?

serious, crucial, weighty, material, appreciable, momentous, of moment, memorable, unforgettable, pronounced, marked, considerable, obvious, conspicuous, striking, glaring, signal, impressive, uncommon, unusual, rare, extraordinary, exceptional, particular, special. ANTONYMS. insignificant, minor.

What do you mean by statistically significant?

Statistical Significance Definition A result of an experiment is said to have statistical significance, or be statistically significant, if it is likely not caused by chance for a given statistical significance level. Your statistical significance level reflects your risk tolerance and confidence level.

What does significant mean in a sentence?

Use significant in a sentence. Howard often refers to his wife as his ‘significant other’ which might be one reason they’ve had such a long, loving marriage. Licensed from GettyImages. adjective. The definition of significant is having meaning, influence or importance.

What is the synonym and antonym of significant?

significant. Antonyms: inexpressive, meaningless, expressionless, unindicative, mute. Synonyms: expressive, momentous, suggestive, indicative, forcible, weighty, symbolical, telling, speaking.

What is the difference between significance and significant?

As nouns the difference between significance and significant is that significance is the extent to which something matters; importance while significant is that which has significance; a sign; a token; a symbol.

What is the meaning of significance?

noun. importance; consequence: the significance of the new treaty. meaning; import: The familiar place had a new significance for her. the quality of being significant or having a meaning: to give significance to dull chores.

Does significance mean importance?

Significance means having the quality of being “significant” — meaningful, important. It also refers to the meaning of something. A certain date might have significance because it’s your birthday or the anniversary of Princess Di’s wedding.

How do you use significant?

He won a significant amount of money. There is a significant difference in prices between the two stores. The study found a statistically significant decrease in symptoms in patients who had taken the drug. a significant event in the history of our nation Fish is a significant part of their diet.

What is the meaning of 444?

[*] 444 is a number of protection and encouragement. It is a sign that you are currently following the right path. [*] If you see the number 444 repeatedly, it is often your angel giving you a sign that they are with you. The sign is reminding you to feel confident and supported in this knowledge.

What is significant and not significant?

Not Due to Chance In principle, a statistically significant result (usually a difference) is a result that’s not attributed to chance. More technically, it means that if the Null Hypothesis is true (which means there really is no difference), there’s a low probability of getting a result that large or larger.

What is the opposite word of significant?

insignificant, unimportant, trivial, meaningless, minor.